Alteco LPS Adsorber: the newest addition to best practice medical treatment for patients with COVID-19 in ICU care

Too fast. Too furious.

COVID-19 patients in ICU are experiencing increased levels of endotoxin also known as lipopolysaccharides or LPS which are responsible for provoking severe immune response called cytokine storms that can lead to life-threatening conditions including endotoxemia, sepsis, blood clotting, pneumonia, renal failure, organ failure, and even death.


Shelter from the storm

By removing LPS in the bloodstream, it may be possible to calm these cytokine storms to avoid further damage to vital organs and tissues. LPS removal treats endotoxemia even when patients have ever-increasing antibiotic resistance.

Introducing Alteco LPS Adsorber

The Alteco LPS Adsorber offers ICU teams an innovative and effective tool to complement best practice medical treatment for patients suffering from heightened immune response from LPS induced cytokine storms.

The Alteco LPS Adsorber is a medical device that adsorbs LPS from the blood. The removal of LPS turns down the exacerbated immune response, helping to stabilize the patient.

Innovative patented technology adsorbs LPS molecules in the bloodstream during haemoperfusion.

Anti-inflammatory cytokines, antibiotics and other complement treatment remain in the blood.

Simple and easy to use

Extracorporeal circulation machine with an air-trap and monitoring equipment for blood flow and pressure is required.

· Set-up in minutes

· Safe, low-risk device

· No side effects

· No serious adverse effects

· No known contraindications