Did you know that…

• sepsis is responsible for one in every five deaths worldwide – about 11 million deaths every year, or one death every 2.8 seconds?

• endotoxin (LPS) found in gram-negative bacteria can cause endotoxemia and sepsis?

• gram-negative bacteria are increasingly resistant to most available antibiotics?

• being admitted to the ICU increases the risk of gram-negative bacterial infections?

• removing endotoxin can stabilize the patient?

The Alteco LPS Adsorber removes endotoxin safely, effectively and easily in both acute and planned situations

The Alteco LPS Adsorber is a unique, proven medical device that removes endotoxin (lipopolysaccharides or LPS) from the blood system through extracorporeal treatment. This innovative device, created by using advanced Swedish technology, is safe and completely non-toxic with no reported side effects. It is being used in the successful treatment of various patient groups with high levels of endotoxin, from critical patients with gram-negative sepsis to scheduled cardiac surgery patients.

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