The Alteco LPS Adsorber has been used successfully in the market since 2007, with no contraindications or side effects, serious adverse events or allergic reactions reported.

Alteco LPS Adsorber is categorized as a class IIa medical device – the lowest risk classification of all similar type devices. It is the only class IIa medical device for specific endotoxin elimination.

The Alteco LPS Adsorber is verified to be safe in terms of biocompatibility, hemocompatibility, sterility, and product handling.

The product was developed according to EN ISO 13485 Quality management system requirements with applied risk management according to EN ISO 14971.


No contraindications
Medical device class IIa (EU MDD)


Designed to specifically
remove endotoxin


Results in 2 hours
1 treatment = 1 adsorber