The Alteco LPS Adsorber is a medical device used for extracorporeal blood purification. The product removes circulating endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide, LPS) from the bloodstream. It works through adsorption; a process where molecules or particles attach to the surface of the adsorbent material and are captured there.

Inside the Alteco LPS Adsorber

The housing of the device contains discs made of porous polyethylene (PE) covered in a tailor-made peptide. The peptide binds to lipid-A (the toxic part of endotoxin) with high affinity. By adsorbing endotoxin from the patient’s bloodstream during extracorporeal treatment, the Alteco LPS Adsorber can stabilize the patient’s hemodynamic parameters.

Endotoxin adsorption technology

In the pores – with an average size of 100 microns – on the surface of the discs, covalently immobilized cationic peptide captures the negatively charged endotoxin molecules.
The peptide in the Alteco LPS Adsorber is 100% synthetic, hence it is not genetically engineered but produced by solid phase peptide synthesis. It is not derived from human or animal origins.

Optimized surface area

When blood comes into contact with large artificial surfaces, it induces a systemic response. 1 The Alteco LPS Adsorber uses an optimized surface and adsorption area of approximately 4m 2.

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