Frequently asked questions

What is the size of the product?

The length of the product is 135mm, Ø 53mm.

What material is the product made of?

The housing of the Alteco LPS Adsorber is made of BPA free polycarbonate; the porous discs are made of polyethylene.

Are there any toxic materials or components in the product?

No, this was studied in detail in the product development process and there are no toxic materials or substances in the Alteco LPS Adsorber.

What is the surface area of the product?

When blood comes into contact with large artificial surfaces, it induces a systemic response. Therefore the Alteco LPS Adsorber is developed with an optimized surface area of 3m 2.

What is the shelf life of the product?

The shelf life of the Alteco LPS Adsorber is 3 years.

What is the volume of the Alteco LPS Adsorber?

The volume of the Alteco LPS Adsorber is 100ml.

Where can I get the tubes needed for the treatment?

The Alteco LPS Adsorber is intended for use with standard, commercially available bloodlines compatible with the acute blood purification system used.

How long does it take to prepare the product?

Manual priming takes 4 minutes. The Alteco LPS Adsorber can also be prepared using the acute blood purification system’s priming procedure.

Why does the product need to be rinsed?

Rinsing of the Alteco LPS Adsorber is important to wash out the glycerin used as a stabilizer in the adsorber.

How long is the treatment time?

The recommended treatment time with Alteco LPS Adsorber is two hours and normally only one treatment is needed. However, the product can be used for up to 6 hours and treatment can be repeated if needed.

How many treatments are needed?

Usually, one treatment is sufficient. One treatment equals one device.

What is the recommended treatment mode?

Due to the importance of early treatment, the recommended treatment mode is hemoperfusion mode (stand-alone).

Can the treatment be combined with CRRT?

Yes. The scope of use for the product is extracorporeal treatments. The recommended treatment mode is hemoperfusion, but it can be used in CRRT as well. We are very interested in getting case reports! If placed in series with a dialysis membrane, the Alteco LPS Adsorber shall be placed before the dialysis membrane and blood flow must not exceed 150 ±50 ml/min during the treatment.

Can the product be re-sterilized and reused?

No, the Alteco LPS Adsorber is meant for single use only and cannot be resterilized.

Product details Alteco LPS Adsorber 20210504-EN-R02

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