We found that early use of Alteco LPS Adsorber during CPB is safe, without lower platelet count or bleeding. Alteco LPS Adsorber reduces the levels of endotoxin resulting in peripheral lactate levels reduction and improvement of tissue perfusion.
This study provides strong arguments for using the Alteco LPS Adsorber on patient with septic shock and endotoxemia. Reduced endotoxin activity was seen in the treatment group and a simultaneous decrease in SOFA score, vasopressor requirement as well as decreased serum lactate level.
Two-hour hemoperfusion with Alteco LPS Adsorber was initiated in patients with septic shock and endotoxemia. Controls were matched for age, focus and severity of illness. Alteco LPS Adsorber treatment was associated with a decrease in noradrenaline dose, decrease in SOFA scores and LPS concentration