Alteco Medical now has distributor agreements in place in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.
Alteco Medical AB has entered into a distribution agreement with BTC Health, who is now appointed exclusive distributor for Alteco LPS Adsorber in Australia and New Zealand.
Alteco Medical has signed a distribution agreement with Incardia Biomedical Spa in Chile.
Alteco Medical has signed distribution contracts with new distributors in Panama and Iraq.
Alteco Medical has signed a contract with Medvision in Kuwait.
Alteco Medical welcomes distributors in Taiwan and Switzerland: Brojaw Inc. and Somapharm AG.
Alteco Medical has added distributors on two large markets: France and South Korea.
Alteco Medical has signed a distributor agreement with Biogamma in Argentina.
In September 2021, Alteco Medical signed a distributor agreement with MSM Medical Equipments Ldt. in Kenya.
Alteco Medical continues to expand into new markets across the world and added several new distributors in July 2021.